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Wedding Dresses Accessories

The New York City Brides provides you not only with luxurious and unique wedding dresses but
with accessories for your big day as well. Every bride wanting to look stunning knows that the
look is not complete without stunning accessories. Fortunately, we have accessories that will
perfectly match your wedding dress.
We’re happy to remind you that our accessories are designed and made with love. So do not
worry about quality since we keep it on a high level.


What’s wedding look without veil? It’s one of the most important accompaniment for brides. If
you analyze your wedding looks and think there’s something missing, you should definitely pay
attention to veil! We have different types of veils: light and airy, long train veils or knee length
veils. There are veils with a comb and two-tier veils. We carefully put them in a gift box so the
shipping will be safe.

Wedding coats

If your wedding is on a cold season day, you just need a coat. You will feel warm and cozy but
amazing and charming at the same time. A fur cape will make the retro-styled ceremonies
complete. And fur jacket will accentuate the luxurious style of the wedding day.


And do not think you don’t actually need a wedding robe. There are few cases when you’d better
wear a romantic wedding robe:
1. In the morning before your wedding day. To get the best pictures, you should look and feel
incredible from the beginning of the day.
2. On the hen party. Make sure you should look unique on your party.
3. And definitely take it on your honeymoon and wear whenever you feel comfortable, romantic.


To add some elegance it’s better to accessorize the look with gloves. There are gloves
embellishes with small sparkling rhinestones and also short gloves. Just add the gloves to the
wedding coat and you will look incredible!