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5 things not to forget when choosing your wedding dress

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5 things not to forget when choosing your wedding dress

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Choosing a wedding dress is a very fun, yet nonetheless rigorous process. You want the dress to match your personal preferences, to fit very well and to correspond with the style of the ceremony. Yet, planning your wedding can be very stressful and it’s easy to forget some essential elements when picking your gown. Follow the checklist below to make sure your dress is a 100% match for you!
Reminder 1: Does it restrict movement?

    The dress might sit perfectly on your body and look stunning, but don’t forget that you’ll need to move a lot during the day of your celebration. Greeting guests, walking to the altar and then dancing can be a very dreading experience if you can’t physically move well, so make sure you are able to walk, sit and dance with minimal restrictions.

Reminder 2: Check the weather!

    Plan your wedding gown according to the season of the year. Keep in mind the weather, the fabric of the dress and how it works with the conditions outside. Furthermore, pick the style that is correct to the time of the year so you don’t overheat, melting your makeup, or freeze and fall ill the next day.

Reminder 3: Keep accessories in mind

    You want your look to be balanced and all the parts to fit together like a perfect puzzle. If you opt for gloves – don’t purchase a dress with long sleeves. The veil should fit the style of the dress and, if it’s cold, remember that some outerwear can be beneficial and needs to look good with the dress as well.

Reminder 4: Remember about alterations

    If your dress doesn’t fit like a glove straight away, no need to worry. You can always ask for customization, which will cost you a small additional cost when ordering your dress from us. This will ensure that you feel most comfortable and confident in the dress, without having to worry about any small unflattering details.

Reminder 5: Don’t start purchasing before having a budget in mind

Starting shopping for your wedding dress can be a little overwhelming with the variety of styles available, yet when you have a set budget things get easier. It’s critical to keep your mind open when choosing dresses, yet you have some kind of direction for a successful shopping experience. You will be able to choose your dress with ease, selecting the display of gowns on our website to be for a set price.

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