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How to Get A Custom Wedding Dress

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How to Get A Custom Wedding Dress

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You’ve spent countless hours scouring magazines, websites, and anywhere else you could find for the perfect wedding dress, and you just can’t find the right one. While disheartening, there is still hope for your dream bridal gown.


If you’re having trouble finding the right wedding dress, then it may be time to design a custom wedding dress yourself. Please continue reading to find out how to design a custom wedding dress, how much does a custom wedding dress cos, and more in our guide on how to get a custom made wedding dress.


Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Custom Made Wedding Dress?
  2. Why Do You Need To Customize Your Own Wedding Dress?
  3. What Types of Custom Made Wedding Gowns Can You Get?
  4. How Much Does a Custom Wedding Dress Cost?

1. What is a Custom Made Wedding Dress?


More of an umbrella term than a specific type of dress, a custom made wedding dress is any wedding dress that’s altered. Whether it be something as minute as measurements for a better fit or something more drastic, like an entirely self-designed gown, it’s considered a custom-made wedding dress once it’s altered.

2. Why Do You Need to Customize Your Own Wedding Dress


Designing your custom wedding dress allows you to express your individuality and creativity by building your dress from the ground up. In addition to ensuring that your wedding gown fits perfectly and looks exactly as you want it to, you get the opportunity to experience creating your gown firsthand.


3. What Types of Custom Made Wedding Gowns Can You Get?


To keep things simple, let’s break down the four most common types of wedding dresses you can expect to come across: Off-the-Rack, Made-to-Measure, Made-to-Order, and Bespoke.



First things first, off-the-rack wedding dresses are just what they sound like. Standard fare for most bridal shops, off-the-rack gowns are bought as-is from the retailer, with no fittings or measurements taken before purchase. However, you can alter dresses after the fact for a better fit or minor design changes.



The most basic of custom made gowns are made-to-measure dresses. If you’re not looking for any significant design alterations, made-to-measure dresses may be the right choice for you. Made-to-measure gowns remain the same as far as aesthetic design and are tailored to fit your measurements through a tailor.



Made-to-Order wedding gowns are standard fare for most bridal shops and one of the most common types of custom made wedding dress. Unlike made-to-measure gowns, made-to-order gowns come in standard sizes and usually are not altered beyond taking in a hem or two.



Bespoke wedding gowns are the most customizable wedding dress, as they require you to make vital design decisions on everything from the fabric type and gown silhouette to lace and bead appliques. Essentially, you design your dress from the ground up, and the designer makes it a reality.


4. How Much Does a Custom Wedding Dress Cost?


Depending on what you chose, the cost of custom wedding dress can vary significantly.


Simple Alterations

There are standard price ranges you can expect to see at your tailor for simple changes. For reference, side seam adjustments run around $30 – $75 per side, bustle alterations can cost between $40 – $150, the addition of bra cups costs $20 – $40, and hem adjustments costs $150 – $250.


Major Alterations

As you might have expected, the more extensive the alteration is, the more expensive it’s likely to be. Generally, adding sleeves costs $200 – $400, altering the back design costs $200 – $300, and changing the neckline costs $250.



While it may be a tad more costly and time-consuming, choosing a custom made dress for your wedding day is more than worth the payoff. And, now that you know all that there is to know about how to get a custom wedding dress, you can start designing the perfect wedding gown for you on your special day.


At New York City Bride, we offer multiple options to customize your wedding dress for an additional fee and the option to customize your dress length free of charge. Click here to schedule a free zoom consultation with one of our skilled bridal specialists today to find out more about the variety of design changes available for your wedding gown. We currently offer sleeve length adjustments, changes to the neckline and closure, lining and embellishment additions, made-to-measure gowns, and more.

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