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How to prepare a perfect wedding look

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How to prepare a perfect wedding look

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The celebration of love between you and your significant other is such a special and amazing day on which, of course, every bride wants to look her best. Don’t panic and read the checklist below as we made sure to cover everything to help you look absolutely flawless on your big day.

Step 1: Say “yes” to the dress in advance

You will be the center of attention for the entire day so, to ease the stress of such an important day, the wedding dress must be chosen and shipped in advance. Don’t leave anything to chance – if it’s delivered to you online, make sure to chat with the assistants and don’t be afraid ask for guidance and opinions (after all, we are specialists). Make sure the dress fits perfectly, allowing you to breathe and walk confidently. It’s crucial that the dress doesn’t block movement as you will be dancing and mingling all day. Keep in mind the style of your wedding and whether the dress fits the overall aesthetic.

Step 2: Plan the beauty beforehand

After you are set on the dress, move onto your bridal beauty look. The makeup and hairstyle must be chosen prior to the wedding (ideally – days/weeks after the dress). Choose and purchase your hair accessories in advance as well.  Make sure to do a test drive of hair and makeup at least once before the wedding. Then, add accessories and/or jewelry to view the completed look. This will help you visualize and understand whether the makeup, hairstyle and accessories fit to make a great look.

Step 3: Have your nails taken care of

Whether that is a natural manicure, a regular nail polish or gel polish, your nails should look nice and polished. This shouldn’t be done too in advance, we recommend getting your nails done one or two days before the ceremony so the polish doesn’t chip and the risk of breaking a nail is eliminated. Remember, your hands are going to be in the foreground on this day!

Step 4: Glow from the inside

            Invest in pampering yourself, whether that is a massage, a face mask or any activity that makes your relax. If you have any beauty issues bothering you, make an appointment with a doctor and sort everything out. Radiating confidence and happiness is essential to truly look your best. We know that falling asleep before such an exciting event can be challenging, yet do your best to get maximum rest as you want to look refreshed in the morning. When you feel beautiful inside and out, your look can be considered complete and ready to turn everyone’s heads on your beautiful upcoming ceremony.


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