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Wedding Dresses for Summer 2020

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Wedding Dresses for Summer 2020

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Outside, the grass is green. The flowers are blooming, proud and vibrant. The birds are chirping happily in the lovely summer sun. Summer weddings have an unmatched allure and the better weather is just the beginning. Having your wedding in the summer means you have more dress options and access to the latest fashions in wedding gowns and wedding dresses in NYC as soon as they hit the summer runways.

Before you plan the summer wedding of your dreams, you have to start with the perfect dress for your big day. Finding the right dress for you can be stressful and you deserve a worry-free planning period before your wedding. You should be able to cherish and rejoice in every moment that goes into one of the most important days of your life. So, continue reading about this year’s most avant-garde trends in wedding dresses and veils to make your summer wedding as perfect as can be.

A-Shaped Silhouettes

wedding dress Zelda from Vienna Collection
wedding dress Zelda from Vienna Collection

The silhouette of the 2020 summer bridal season, A-line wedding dresses are fitted to your hips and gradually widen towards the hem of the dress. A-line wedding gowns come in virtually every neckline, fabric, and length, making them an ultra-versatile choice for your wedding.

The Tailored Difference

A-line dresses and gowns have huge appeal to brides because they can be easily tailored to complement all body shapes and sizes. If you’re of the slender or petite variety, it can help to accentuate your height and give the illusion of more height. If you’re of the taller and more full-bosomed variety, it complements the curves you already have and can help balance your silhouette.

Long and Lacey

2020 has brought the tradition of long, full skirt gowns back into modernity. The stark contrast in the combination of an a-line silhouette with the tempered flare of a full skirt makes for sleek, gorgeous body lines and beautiful wedding gowns. Add some intricate lace, and you’ve got a timeless dress for your wedding day that will also look amazing for your photographer.

Not Quite Whites

While some traditions are worth keeping, you might want to consider forgoing the classic white for your wedding gown in favor of this season’s trend of cream, champagne, and ivory colored dresses.

Consider incorporating other pastels like lilac, yellow, mint, or light blue into your wedding theme to really help your off-white dress pop. These stunning light colors can also help you in creating a softer, lighter color palette for your wedding day.

The Sexy Shoulder

We’ve talked about how summer weddings allow you to wear all manner of dresses, but getting married during the warmest time of the year also lets you show off how fantastic you look in your wedding dress. And this 2020 summer season, it’s all about showing off those sexy shoulders of yours (yes, honey, I’m talking to you).

Just a Little Off

wedding dress
wedding dress Clementine from Passion Collection

Off-the-shoulder sleeves are the height of fashion this summer for bridal gowns and dresses. These dresses elegantly highlight your upper neckline while still maintaining a sense of modesty, refinement, and grace. You’ll be thankful for the unrestricted use of your arms when it comes time to cut the cake, too.

Accentuate Your Assets

The old saying goes, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ Well, everyone we’ve ever met has had shoulders, so why not flaunt them, too? One of our favorite bridal trends this year does just that. Dresses with elaborate shoulder beading and lace shoulder accents are chic and popular this season.

Clavicles are In

Though they may have previously been overlooked, collarbones are suddenly getting more attention than ever. Your collarbones, also known as clavicles, are worth celebrating. So why not let them serve as the pinnacle of your wedding dress? Whether you decide to go with the bold, traditional look or something a bit more drastic and modern, we know that you’ll be sure to stun on your wedding day.

Devinity in the Details

Alright, you’ve picked out the perfect dress for your summer wedding daydreams. Have you decided how you want to accessorize yet? Keep calm and read on because we have you covered with bridal veils, gloves, and jackets for your glorious day.

Veils for Days

wedding veils
Wedding veil Julia

Size shouldn’t matter when it comes to most things, but when it comes to your veil this 2020 summer bridal season, it definitely does. Long and luxurious lengths are an essential for sunset summer weddings. With delicate lacing and ornate, handcrafted detailing, you’ll be looking and feeling incredible for your wedding day.

Gotta Love Gloves

Another wedding tradition that’s making the rounds again are exquisite, handmade bridal gloves. Our favorite gloves for the 2020 summer wedding season are wrist-length short gloves with feminine embellishing and small stone work for a little extra sparkle.

Just Jackets

When the sun goes down, the temperature can quickly follow. Nobody wants to be caught in their wedding dress and their stained college sweatshirt, or at least we certainly don’t. Luckily for you, this 2020 summer season has brought bridal jackets back to the forefront of bridal fashion with plush fur shawls and soft, layered capes.

Summer Lovin’

The summer of 2020 is fast upon us, and with everything going on in the world, there’s never been a better time to marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. So why not celebrate your love in the summer sunshine, surrounded by your friends and family this summer?

Are you enchanted by all of the 2020 summer wedding must-haves yet? We sure are. And if you are, too, then start planning your wedding for the summer of 2020 and be sure to keep us on your invite list. We can’t wait to RSVP to your day of wonder.

Remember, at NY City Bride we have an expansive selection of designer summer wedding dresses on sale and at affordable prices for your wedding day.

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