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Workout motivation from our Master Trainer and bride to be

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Workout motivation from our Master Trainer and bride to be

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Hey girls! I am Master Trainer Chrissy Reilly from Orange County, CA and I just got engaged on Christmas Eve to my dream man!!!! I am a women’s only gym owner in Huntington Beach where I coach an amazing community of women. I also launched my online fitness studio and personal coaching fitness app BFF LIVE in 2020 to service all of my girls throughout the US and safely from home! 

I am so excited to share my personal experience and valuable tips with you as I am a bride to be as well, and I will be planning and preparing for my wedding in October of this year!! 


We all know the BIG Day is the most important day of our lives. I think we can all agree that it is the ONE day in our life that we want to look OUR ABSOLUTE BEST! We want to feel beautiful, sexy, confident, healthy, energized and fresh! It is not only important to us to FIT into our dream dress, but also LOOK amazing in our dress and photograph well!! Remember, our wedding day is the most highly documented day of our lives!!! You do not want to look back and regret not taking care of your HEALTH, BODY, NUTRITION, AND SKIN!!! Just as we plan our wedding like maniacs, we need to put that same attention into ourselves!! 

So!! Currently, I am following my online fitness program BFF LIVE, where I workout 4 days per week from HOME with my community LIVE through our app, and in the coming months I will rev up my workout routines to 6 days per week with my special challenge group launching soon!! I do a variety of leg and upper body strength training, HIIT training, and core workouts with my community. I highly recommend you pay attention to the style of dress you’re choosing and remember to workout your arms and back since that is the part that shows the most in wedding dresses! Stay tuned for a specific upper body workout you can try with me geared towards looking amazing in your dress! 


 In addition to my HOME workouts that are anywhere from 30-45 minutes long, I try and get 10,000 steps in per day! This goal gets me out of my chair and moving around all throughout the day! Which will absolutely assist in your weight or fat loss goal! I recommend taking phone calls on your headphones and walk outside or around your house to get those steps in during a busy work day! Also, park your car further when running errands to force yourself to walk those extra steps, and always always take the stairs!!! 


Now these are just simple ways to rev up that metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. If you do not have a workout program or trainer that you are working with, it is extremely important that you hold yourself accountable. I recommend penciling in your workouts into your planner just as you plan out your wedding appointments. YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOURSELF!!! Joining a program such as BFF LIVE, or hiring a trainer is also a great way to stay motivated, held accountable, and supported by other amazing women that understand what you’re going through. 


Now, don’t forget NUTRITION!!! Your nutrition is so important to preparing for your big day. I am mindful NOW (9 months out) about the majority of what I eat. I personally have to eat gluten free and dairy free for allergy reasons, but I also recommend eating this way for most of my ladies when they are preparing for a wedding, photoshoot, or big event. Gluten and dairy are huge contributors to inflammation, bloating, weight gain, acne, bad periods and skin allergies. The list goes on, but I highly recommend adapting a GF and potentially a dairy free diet a few months before your wedding. 

Follow my Instagram @chrissy_reilly for meals and tips in regards to eliminating gluten and dairy and download my FREE 7 Day Detox Meal Plan to get you started which is FREE of gluten and dairy!! 


In addition to your nutrition, it is important to stay HYDRATED (think 3-4L of water per day) and get tons of sleep!!! Hydration will aid in weight loss, skin texture and appearance, and overall health. Go to bed on time and set a routine for yourself. Getting 8 hours of sleep is not only important to reaching your body goals, but will also reduce stress, improve your skin appearance, and boost your immune system. 


I have many supplements that I recommend to add in during this prep time as well! Start with a great probiotic and multi vitamin, as well as collagen protein if your protein intake is low! Protein is KEY to weight loss and toning up for the big day! If you struggle consuming it, focus on a collagen protein powder like Vital Proteins! I personally take Juice Plus as my multi vitamin and I swear by my results! I have never felt better from the inside out truthfully. My gut issues and bloating has resolved, I am so energized and healthy and my immune system seems to handle everything!! 


Lastly ladies, don’t let the stress of planning take over your life. I personally planned and booked everyone the first month of being engaged. Why!? Because I like things done and out of the way to avoid stress. Procrastination leads to stress and I wanted to get all the big vendors booked and paid for so that I could breathe and focus on myself and my fiancé during the next few months and actually enjoy being engaged. 


In addition, I plan to keep up my workouts, get monthly massages to take care of my body and stress, as well as a facial every 2-3 months leading up to the big day, and staying on top of my vitamins and nutrition. Self care is so important ladies and I know first hand how ridiculously expensive and stressful planning a wedding is. We all have to work more to be able to afford the wedding and planning takes up so much of our focus!! 


So remember, get things done and checked off your list, so you can focus on YOU!!! 


I invite you to join my FREE weekly workout class on IG live and YouTube live every Saturday at 9 AM PST!!! We call this workout Sanity Saturday because it’s where us girls come together for a powerful hour of positivity and refresh our minds and regain our SANITY!! 


You can sign up for reminders and special LIVE links at my website!!! I wish you girls all the best in your planning and I cannot wait to meet you all and get a killer workout done together LIVE! 


If you have any questions at all, please DM me, email me or comment on my IG!! I look forward to providing more fitness and nutrition tips to get ready for the big day as well as sharing my special challenge launching soon! So stay tuned ladies!!! 


Chrissy Reilly 

Founder of Balanced Form Fitness LIVE 

[email protected] 



IG: @chrissy_reilly


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