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  • Wedding dress EU2016L

    This princess dress is made in a classic style. The corset emphasizes the bust and makes the waist thinner. The upper part of the corset is made of a thin translucent mesh. The neckline is decorated with beads. The corset is decorated with handmade embroidery using crystals and beads. The back of the dress has a large cutout and is made of a thin mesh. Openwork patterns from the corset smoothly go down to the fluffy skirt. The lower part of the attire is made of thin tulle and has a denser lining. A very lush skirt makes every bride beautiful and slender. Therefore, this dress will suit brides with any body type. 

  • Wedding dress EU2014L

    A dress like Cinderella has – it is about this model. The dress at the same time is restrained, elegant and luxurious! The corset has a deep neckline, but a thin mesh makes it more modest. The corset is embroidered with complex handmade patterns using beads and crystals. It brings radiance and chic to the image of the bride. The grace of the bride emphasizes a large neckline on the back. The neckline is decorated with embroidery necklace, so this outfit does not need to be supplemented with jewelry. The model received a very fluffy princess silhouette skirt. It is made of several layers of thin tulle and a tight bottom lining. Any girl in such a dress will feel like a real princess! Thanks to the handwork, this dress is very comfortable and light; it fits perfectly on the figure and will emphasize all its dignities. 

  • Wedding dress EU2017L

    This model impresses with its luxury and refinement. The corset fits tightly and creates the perfect bust line. The top of the dress is embroidered with lace applique using crystals and beads. The basis for complex patterns became a thin invisible mesh, which makes the dress breathable and very comfortable. .  The most unique part of the entire outfit – long fringe along the straps. Fluffy skirt without any decoration makes this dress more elegant . THe skirt is  made of multi layered thin tulle fabric, crating a lightweight and natural image. 

  • Wedding dress EU2004L

    This model will appeal to the bold and confident brides. It beautifully emphasizes the dignity of the figure. The dress is made of dense elastic fabric. The attention is attracted by the original cut of the neckline; it repeats the same deep cut on the back. The whole dress is hand-embroidered with openwork patterns. Swarovski crystals and beads were used to create amazing and beautiful applique. Therefore, despite its apparent simplicity, the dress will attract attention as radiant and chic. The dress comes with  short neat train. Thanks to the perfect cut and quality of the fabric, this dress will suit all body types. 

  • Wedding dress EU2011L

    This model will suit girls with any figure, but brides with elegant forms will look more impressive in such a dress. The corset is made of dense elastic fabric and does not have shoulder straps. It is completely embroidered with openwork patterns, using crystals and beads. Complex embroidery and ornaments are made by masters of the studio by hand. Tight corset has the lacing on the back. The straight long skirt is made of several layers of thin tulle. This gives it more weightlessness and makes the image of the bride airily. This dress can be supplemented with any accessories or a cape on the shoulders. 

  • Wedding dress EU2002L

    Elegant and graceful model. The top of the dress is made of handmade lace. White floral ornaments look beautiful on a beige lining of the corset. The straps lowered on the shoulders, creating a beautiful neckline . The back cut is not too low, so the dress looks elegant and modest. The waistline is additionally underlined by a thin belt with twisted beaded threads. The skirt is made of thin tulle and tight lining. The concentration is on the upper part of the outfit. This dress does not require additional accessories and jewelry; it is beautiful by itself and looks very feminine.

  • Wedding dress EU2015L

    This dress will fit even the most stylish bride. The upper part of the attire is made of a thin transparent mesh, which is almost invisible on the body. It became the basis for complex hand-embroidered patterns with beads and crystals. The straps of the dress and the neckline are decorated with fringe, which is the fashion trend of this season. The  neckline is decorated with a thin thread of beads. The skirt of this mermaid silhouette is made of dense fabric. It beautifully hugs the upper part and spreads soft folds from the knee. The dress has a short train that makes the body more slender and graceful. The dress looks very stylish and uniquel due to the fringe, intricate patterns, combining simple and complex. 

  • Wedding dress EU2012L

    If you want to go for a  natural and romantic –  look this model is t what you need. It doesn’t have too much decor and draws attention by its original design. It emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride herself. The strapless corset is made of dense elastic fabric, and the cups create a beautiful bust shape. The corset is decorated with drapery from thin translucent tulle. The skirt s is made of the same tulle. It is made with several layers of thin fabric protected by the lining. Due to this, the bride will feel comfortable and confident, and her image will be airy and light. 

  • Wedding dress EU2009L

    Amazing beautiful and complexity model. The entire upper part is made of a thin, invisible mesh. It became the basis for the openwork patterns that adorn the corset, shoulders, and sleeves of the attire. When you first look at the bride, it seems that the lace embroidery of beads and crystals lies directly on the body. This effect adds a bit of coquetry to the outfit. Behind the dress is completely closed and decorated with handmade embroidery. The waistline is additionally emphasized by decorative flower petals. Fluffy skirt in this model has no decor. It is made of several layers of thin tulle and dense lining. In general, the model turns out harmonious and creates a completed image. The complex top is ideally complemented by a simple bottom. 

  • Wedding dress EU2005L

    Incredibly beautiful and sophisticated model. The upper part of the dress visually seems  transparent, but this is where the special feature of the model lies. The corset is made of the transparent mesh, which became the basis for the embroidery of beads and crystals. Complicated patterns adorn the corset, shoulders and back, beautifully framing the neckline and the deep low back. A simple straight skirt perfectly complements the sophisticated top. It is made of translucent tulle and dense bottom lining. This dress feels very lightweight, surprising with its grace and elegant coquetry. 

  • Wedding dress EU2010L

    The intricate ornament of embroidered lace is supplemented with a scattering of crystals and pearls above the waist line of the dress. A light skirt completes the look. The back stays  open, thick straps make the image more feminine. Special feature of the model –  fully handmade work.

    Back: Zipper


    Details: hand beading


  • Wedding dress EU2007L

    The original one shoulder model. A dense strapless corset is decorated with drapery and openwork embroidery. Complex patterns are made of crystals and beads – this is fully handmade work of the skillful masters of the studio. Embroidery smoothly rises from the chest to the shoulder and goes into the cutout on the back. The model is made of dense elastic fabric, the top layer is made of thin almost transparent tulle. Fluffy skirt without decor is made of several layers of fabricl. There is laced corset on the back. This model will suit all body types, as it favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure and hides the curves. 

  • Wedding dress EU2013L

    Here is one of the most unusual and original model in this collection. The dress has many interesting and complex elements. The corset of the dress is made of a thin transparent mesh, which is almost invisible and blends with the skin color. The front part of the corset has a dense body color insert. The entire corset is embroidered with complex patterns by the masters of the studio manually. For this, crystals and beads were used. Additionally, corset strap is framed by a beautiful fringe. Fringed elements embellish a fluffy skirt. This gives the image ease and originality. Intricate patterns smoothly transfer from the waist to the skirt top and make the image of the bride unique. 

  • Wedding dress EU2006L

    A royally luxurious dress that has a special chic look. The upper part is made of handmade lace. The corset is  embroidered with crystals and beads. There is a thin transparent nude mesh on the top , which is almost impossible to notice on the body. The model has a V neckline and very special lace back, creating an image of the real princess. The skirt is very lush and comes with  a short train. In its folds, there are hidden lace patterns that echo embroidery on a corset. . You can see the work of  the skillful  masters reflected in every detail in this refined and stylish dress. 


  • Wedding dress EU2001L

    The model combines femininity and romanticism. The entire upper part is decorated with miniature flowers. The base of the dress became a transparent invisible mesh. Thanks to it the corset is comfortable and at the same time looks very flirtatious. The deep neckline is the special feature of this model. It echoes the form with a large cut on the back and adds symmetry to the image. The skirt is made of thin translucent tulle. The top layer is decorated with the same patterns as the corset. The lower part of the dress is made of powder-colored fabric. It beautifully contrasts with the white top, making this dress stylish and unique