Bridal Tiara EH116

Elegant Bridal Tiara hand-made with Swarovski crystals, decorated with hand crafted flowers. This elegant headpiece will add incredible sparkle and brilliance to your hair style. It is  great for any special occasion. The tiara can be easily secured to hair with pins.


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Bridal Tiara EH116


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  1. Amel Meziani

    Chic style and lovely Fabrics
    Sexy sleeves neckline and back

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  2. Romina Ramirez (verified owner)

    I got this dress knowing it would be a bit baggy everywhere but my thighs would fit good,turns out it’s still baggy everywhere but it’s tight on my thighs. (I took measurements and made sure my legs would fit.)It’s tight where it shouldn’t be so it makes me look a bit square instead of hourglass. The neck was also loose making the fabric bunch up
    The material is also itchy so unsure how long I’ll wear it for.
    Other than that it looks similar to the photo posted on this site

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  3. Nadia (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. The swatch could be bigger & more of the various appliques, beading, etc of the dress

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