Wedding dress Stefany

Gorgeous dress with a mermaid silhouette, made in white and cream color. A V-neckline opens the neckline and makes it look sophisticated. Delicate mesh covers the front. The long sleeve fits and is decorated with handmade embroidery. Floral ornament creates charm and a sense of lightness. The removable train stretches like a voile, gathering rave glances from guests.




Production time: 14 weeks (Order within 2 hours, and it can ship on December 30)
Shipping: 6-18 days, depending on shipping method
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    1. Amel Meziani

      Chic style and lovely Fabrics
      Sexy sleeves neckline and back

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    2. Your review is awaiting approval

      I got this dress knowing it would be a bit baggy everywhere but my thighs would fit good,turns out it’s still baggy everywhere but it’s tight on my thighs. (I took measurements and made sure my legs would fit.)It’s tight where it shouldn’t be so it makes me look a bit square instead of hourglass. The neck lace is also very loose making the fabric bunch up
      The material is also very itchy and makes my skin a bit red so unsure how long I’ll wear it for.
      Other than that it looks similar to the photo posted on this site

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    3. nycitybride (store manager)

      Thank you for your comment. This order has been canceled per your request and a full refund issued. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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