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Cathedral Veils

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Cathedral Veils

Among the huge variety of hair accessories, the cathedral length veil is considered to be the
most elegant and luxurious one. Such veils will ideally complete the bride’s outfit. If you would
like to make the look more sophisticated, a long bridal veil is a perfect choice for you. Such
royal brides as Grace Kelly and Meghan Markle embellished the image with exactly cathedral
wedding veils. That’s why there is no wonder why this bridal accessory is gaining popularity
among brides.

How to choose Cathedral Veils

No doubt that once the bride wears such a veil, she will impress everyone by her dramatic walk
along the aisle. There are still some features of this bridal accessory that should help you in
making the choice:

● The length of cathedral wedding veils usually measures between 100 and 197
inches. Therefore, it’s necessary to care about feeling comfortable and think about
helpers to carry this beautiful head covering.
● Cathedral bridal veils should match the style of the dress. Consider a simple
headpiece made from soft tulle if you decide to wear an embroidered luxurious
ball gown. If your dream dress is more modest and has no additional elements,
your veil can be embellished with French edge lace, beads or floral patterns
● The bridal dress should not feature a long train, as it will overwhelm the wedding
● Think about hairstyle, and the way the head accessory will be attached. It can be
attached with a minimalist almost invisible comb or pin. The hairstyle should be
tender and simple, for example, hair gathered in a neat bun.

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