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  • Wedding dress Grace

    A graceful mermaid silhouette wedding dress will perfectly complement this special day. Closed-type top with a long transparent sleeve and embroidery gives a dazzling charm. Deep neckline is covered with a delicate mesh, creating a stunning effect. The dress is decorated along the entire length with handmade ornament. The back is visually ajar due to the use of the most delicate mesh. It is clasped with snow-white round buttons. The final element is a beautiful train. Feel like a queen of your celebration with this amazing dress.


  • Wedding dress Agata

    Gorgeous dress that attracts everyone with its luxury and elegance. The silhouette of a mermaid will emphasize the slimness of the waist, adding an image of femininity and romance.

    The collar in combination with a deep neckline, covered with a delicate weightless mesh, emphasizes the fragility of the bride. Opened shoulders emphasize the face, revealing the natural beauty of the girl. The dress along the entire length is decorated with handmade designer embroidery. The shoulders are ajar, and the silhouette is completed by a chic train. Thanks to the thoughtful cut, the dress is ideal for any type of figure.


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  • In Stock - Size 14

    Wedding dress Stefany

    Gorgeous dress with a mermaid silhouette, made in white and cream color. A V-neckline opens the neckline and makes it look sophisticated. Delicate mesh covers the front. The long sleeve fits and is decorated with handmade embroidery. Floral ornament creates charm and a sense of lightness. The removable train stretches like a voile, gathering rave glances from guests.



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  • Wedding dress Melanie

    A gorgeous dress with a mermaid silhouette that focuses on the waist and hips. Deep neckline closed with a transparent mesh. The o-neck opens the neck, making the image even more tender. Long sleeve with cuffs embroidered with handmade embroidery. The dress is decorated with floral elements. The open back with a V-neck harmoniously complements the image. Medium length train trimmed with creamy contrasting embroidery.


  • Wedding dress Nicollet

    Luxurious dress with a skirt of average pomp. Perfect for girls who prefer charm and femininity. The dress will perfectly emphasize the figure, making it even more sophisticated. Deep neckline and wide straps emphasize the elegance of the bride. The top is embroidered with designer embroidery and decorated with floral elements. There is a braid with gorgeous stones at the waist. The side parts are covered with mesh, which makes the image amazingly gentle. Open back and chic train harmoniously complement the outfit.


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  • Wedding dress Hillary

    Awesome wedding dress for connoisseurs of original solutions. Outfit got the silhouette of a mermaid. It has a short skirt that is hidden under a graceful mesh. The entire length is decorated with handmade embroidery in vintage style, combined with geometric elements. The addition of high-quality sparkling sequins made it possible to add chic to the image. Long sleeve accentuates the elegant lines of the bride. And the special shape of the neckline emphasizes the shoulders and natural beauty. Deep neckline is hidden under the embroidered mesh. The back is almost completely open and fastens with a lock and sophisticated buttons. Excellent train completes the image.


    $1,030.00 $927.00
  • Wedding dress Lana

    Designer dress that will appeal to the most demanding girls. It is ideal for brides who prefer extraordinary outfits. Made in cream color, decorated with elegant handmade embroidery. Deep V-shaped neckline is a little hidden by a delicate mesh. The silhouette of a mermaid will emphasize the graceful lines of the figure, emphasizing the beautiful waist of the woman. The open back perfectly complements the image and smoothly turns into a delightful train. A special cut will emphasize natural beauty, regardless of the type of figure.



  • Wedding dress Scarlet

    Snow-white dress that conveys the tenderness of festivity and feelings. Deep neckline hidden under the net and embroidered with designer embroidery. The dress has the original wide sleeves, harmoniously complementing the image. The dress along the entire length is decorated with a delicate floral ornament. The back of the dress opens the back and tightens on the corset. The skirt of average pomp gives the dress a special mood.


    $1,045.00 $940.50
  • Wedding dress Selena

    A stunning dress with a delicate cape decorated with designer embroidery. Deep V-shaped neckline is covered with a practically weightless mesh. Waist is equipped with a beautiful bow. The mermaid silhouette emphasizes the subtle lines, making the image feminine and  delicate. The floor skirt is trimmed with beads and floral elements. A delightful train stretches like a voile. On a special day, you will certainly be the most charming in this dress.


    $1,030.00 $927.00