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    All couples want the wedding to be remembered by them for many years, and the photos from such a romantic event should warm the soul and bring delight with their elegance. Every girl wants to feel like a princess in a beautiful white dress and obvious question arises: what outfit to choose? NY City Bride is here to offer you a huge selection of dresses of various designs. On our site you can find wedding dresses of any cut, length and appearance.

    How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Robe

    • First of all, determine the style in which you would like to see your wedding dress. For example, if you have the desire to be light, romantic, airy, then you should pay attention to dresses with flying skirts made of tulle or chiffon. If you want to try on a strict image, then you should definitely choose fitting dresses with clear lines, made of dense fabrics. But the main thing is to “feel” your dress and remain yourself.
    • The next important point is the choice of fabric and color of the dress. It is recommended to choose light fabric, preferably of batiste or silk chiffon. When choosing the color of the dress you need to pay attention to the complexion and eye color. For girls with pale complexion warm shades are more suitable, and girls with darker complexion can safely take a dress with a bluish tint. It is also important to determine the type of your figure, and decide which part of your body will be beneficial to emphasize.
    • And of course, pay attention to comfort, because you will be one of the main figures of the celebration! Choose a dress wisely; consider the time that you have to spend in it.

    The Main Benefits for Our Clients Ordering Wedding Robes & Nightgowns at

    • Ability to buy wedding robes online
    • Price corresponds to the quality we guarantee.
    • Individual approach to each client.
    • Abundant variety of design, styles and length of the wedding dress.