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Bride's Worst Online Shopping Fears

We think you deserve an exciting, engaging shopping experience that you can navigate with ease from the safety and comfort of your home. New York City Bride is here to make your I Said YES To The Dress moment unforgettable.

Backyard Wedding Dresses Ideas

When you’re getting ready to say, “I do,” there are many different details to plan when it comes to preparing for your wedding day to make it special and memorable.

Top Trends in Wedding Dresses for 2021

When you’re planning a wedding in 2021, it can be exciting to select different details and choose the venue. When you’re planning the event, it’s important to learn about the latest wedding trends for the year to ensure your garment is stylish and beautiful. If you want to get some inspiration when selecting your wedding outfit, there are a few 2021 wedding dress trends to consider.